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Advaned Energy PV Powered Commercial Grid-Tie Inverters
PV Powered commercial inverters combine the benefits of high reliability, low lifetime cost and leading efficiency into one easy-to-install system.

Cat. No. PVP30
Weight 75 lbs

Aurora commercial-grade inverters 250kW
High-efficiency, NEMA3R rated 250kW and 300kW central inverters for commercial grade applications.

Weight 5500 lbs

Aurora commercial-grade inverters 50kW and 100kW
High-Efficiency, 50 kW and 100 kW Inverters Aurora® grid-tie central inverters offer a unique combination of ultra-high effi ciencies, installer-friendly designs, long service life, and competitive initial acquisition costs; signifi cantly increasing retu

Weight 1650 lbs

Fronius: INV GT 33.3KW and 36KW
CL 33.3 Delta 208/240VAC 33.3kW or 36.0KW inverter

Cat. No. GT-FRO
Weight 660 lbs

Fronius: INV GT 44.4KW smf 48.0KW
Fronius: INV GT 44.4KW 600VDC-208/240VA

Cat. No. 001832
Weight 721 lbs

Fronius: INV GT 55.5KW and 60.0KW
Fronius: INV GT 55.5KW 600VDC-208/240VA or 60kW 600Vdc-277/480Vac

Cat. No. 001834
Weight 783 lbs

KACO new energy XP100U commercial grid-tie inverter
The new KACO XP100U 100 kW central inverter utilizes a digital signal processing design to increase the inverter’s reliability and overall efficiency.

Cat. No. XP100U
Weight 2425 lbs

SatCon: INV GT 135kW 600VDC 480VAC 3P
With their advanced system intelligence, next-generation Edge MPPT technology, and industrial-grade engineering, PowerGate Plus inverters maximize system uptime and power production, even in cloudy conditions

Cat. No. 002360
Weight 2345.2 lbs

Schneider Electric Conext CL Three-Phase Power Inverter
Conext CL Three-Phase Power Inverter

Cat. No. Conext CL
Weight 196.2 lbs

SolarEdge 3-phase inverter
SolarEdge, SE33.3KUS Grid Tied Inverter, 3-Ph, 33.3kW, 480VAC, 60Hz, 1000VDC, DC/AC Discon

Cat. No. SE33.3K-US048NNF4
Weight 73.2 lbs

Solaron 250kW and 333kW
3159200-0002 Solaron 250kW Commercial Grid Tie Inverter 480VAC output DCBLK2

Cat. No. 3159200-0002

Solaron 500kW 330/600VDC-480VA
The Solaron 500 HE PV inverter is ideally suited for utility-scale or large commercial PV installations.

Cat. No. 3159500-0000
Weight 3760 lbs

Solectria 3-Phase Commercial Inverters
Solectria Renewables PVI inverters use rugged DSP-controlled IGBT circuitry to achieve high efficiency, reliability and low installed cost.

Cat. No. PVI 13kW-208VAC
Weight 375 lbs

Solectria Renewables Grid Tied Central inverter
Solectria Renewables’ SMARTGRID 225-500 KW series of inverters boasts an industry leading 97.5% CEC weighted efficiency which translates into significantly greater energy generation per year for utility-scale PV systems

Weight 300 lbs

Solectria Renewables’ PVI 14TL and PVI 20TL
Solectria Renewables’ PVI 14TL and PVI 20TL are compact, transformerless three-phase inverters with dual MPP tracker.

Cat. No. PVI 14000TL
Weight 15 lbs

Solectria Renewables’ PVI 23TL, and PVI 28TL,
Solectria Renewables’ PVI 23TL, PVI 28TL, and PVI 36TL are compact, transformerless three-phase inverters with dual MPP tracker.

Cat. No. PVI 23/28/36TL
Weight 15 lbs

Solectria, SGI 750KW Grid Tied Central inverter
Solectria Renewables’ next generation of SMARTGRID series inverters are optimized for high efficiency, reliability, and economy.

Cat. No. SGI-750XTM-380
Weight 500 lbs

Sunny Central 250U/500U Inverters
The new Sunny Central 250U and 500U have integrated isolation transformers and deliver the highest efficiencies available for large PV power plant inverters.

Cat. No. SC250U
Weight 3970 lbs

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