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Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor Refills
Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor Refills contain 2 refill cartridges and work in any Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor model.

Cat. No. MZ902
Weight 1 lbs

Solar Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor
The solar-powered Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor blocks mosquitoes so that people can retake control of their yards and enjoy the outdoors day or night without the fear of being eaten alive.

Cat. No. MZ101
Weight 3 lbs

Summit Combo Mosquito Dunks / Bits
Quick plus long term mosquito larvae killer combo.

Cat. No. DP-Sunm1156
Weight 1 lbs

Summit Mosquito Bits
Kills mosquito larvae quick

Cat. No. DP-SMB
Weight 1 lbs

Summit Mosquito Dunks
Natural, organic mosquito control with no poisonous chemicals.

Cat. No. Sum1xxxx
Weight 1 lbs

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