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Bird-X 10 Ft. Polycarbonate Bird Spikes
Narrow retail kit with adhesive.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx08
Weight 3 lbs

Bird-X 10 Ft. Steel Bird Spikes
The ideal solution to bird control: permanent, foolproof and nearly invisible.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx09
Weight 4 lbs

Bird-X Coyote Decoy
Effective visual scare for geese.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx02
Weight 4 lbs

Bird-X Deer Gard
Ultrasonic Repeller protects yards & gardens against deer intrusion and damage.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx03
Weight 2 lbs

Bird-X Gator Guard
Scares geese from ponds, lakes, pools, etc.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx10
Weight 4 lbs

Bird-X Irri-Tape 25 ft
Versitle bird repeller combines visual & sound repellents.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx05
Weight 2 lbs

Bird-X Prowler Owl
Airfoil Wings move in the breeze.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx06
Weight 4 lbs

Bird-X Scare-Eye 3-Pack
Yellow, black & white eye Spheres. scare birds from buildings, gardens, orchards, roofs, pools & patios.

Cat. No. DP-IBrx07
Weight 3 lbs

Bird-X Yard Gard
Ultrasonic Repeller protects yards & gardens

Cat. No. DP-IBrx12
Weight 2 lbs

Flambeau Egret
Flambeau Egret

Cat. No. DP-IFla5950LO
Weight 4 lbs

Floating Swan Pond Decor
Keeps geese away

Cat. No. DP-IFla5889
Weight 4 lbs

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

Cat. No. DP-IFla5960LO
Weight 4 lbs

Great Horned Owl
Life-like, Natural Enemy Scarecrow® helps repel birds and pests while adding charm

Cat. No. DP-IDALZ030
Weight 3 lbs

Great Horned Owl Flambeau
Hangs easily from a tree, or mounts on a post.

Cat. No. DP-IFla5915LO
Weight 3 lbs

Ornamates Bottoms Up Feeding Mallard Pair
Bottoms Up Feeding Mallard Pair

Cat. No. DP-IFla5635
Weight 4 lbs

Rotating Head Owl
Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezes; helps repel birds and pests while adding charm

Cat. No. DP-IDALZ145
Weight 3 lbs

Solar Moler & Gopher Chaser
Drives away moles, voles and gophers Functions 24 hours a day

Cat. No. 90400RM1
Weight 2.4 lbs

Solar Rotating Head Owl
No batteries needed ever!

Cat. No. DP-IDALZ478
Weight 4 lbs

Standing Canadian Goose & Feeding Candian Goose from Ornamates
Standing Canadian Goose

Cat. No. DP-Fla59xx
Weight 4 lbs

Summit Combo Mosquito Dunks / Bits
Quick plus long term mosquito larvae killer combo.

Cat. No. DP-Sunm1156
Weight 1 lbs

Summit Mosquito Bits
Kills mosquito larvae quick

Cat. No. DP-SMB
Weight 1 lbs

Summit Mosquito Dunks
Natural, organic mosquito control with no poisonous chemicals.

Cat. No. Sum1xxxx
Weight 1 lbs

Transonic Bugchaser
Eliminate bugs using both sonic (audible) and ultrasonic (silent-to-humans) -

Cat. No. DP-Brx10
Weight 4 lbs

Transonic PRO
Safe Indoor Pest Control. This Best-Selling electronic repeller couldn't be simpler

Cat. No. DD-Brx11
Weight 8 lbs

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