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AC Selector Switches
An Ac source selector switch is an essential item for any vechiles with an on-board AC generator and/or inverter.

Cat. No. K-SS.Switch
Weight 2 lbs

Elite AC or DC Accessory Panel
16 branch circuit capacity,12 installed standard:

Cat. No. K-ES7x
Weight 7 lbs

Elite AC-DC Master Control
Locating all AC and DC functions on one panel provides a vechile with a central load distribution and monitoring center.

Cat. No. K-ESx
Weight 10 lbs

Elite DC Load Center
10 branch circuit capacity, 8 installed standard: 1-5A, 2-10A, 4-15A, 1-20A

Cat. No. K-ES-6
Weight 7 lbs

Kussmaul Auto Isolator
The Auto Isolator I detects when a vehicles alternator is charging the battery and then closes a solenoid operated switch to additionally charge an auxiliary battery.

Cat. No. K-091-139-
Weight 3 lbs

Power Distribution System, PDS-100
Programmable Modes: Always On, Ignition On/Off, Ignition with Timeout and Low Voltage Disconnect

Cat. No. K-390-5711-0
Weight 2 lbs

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