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Intellitec Slide Out Controllers
Cat. No. MT00-00193
Weight 2 lbs

Intellitec s Slide Out Controller is the latest controller in the expanding family of the MONOPLEXTU System. This controller is designed to control the operation of a slide out room electrical mechanism. It automatically stops the slide out when it reaches its inner or outer limit, by sensing the current drawn by the motor. This eliminates the need for the owner to hold the switch in the ON position for the entire extend/retract cycle, or in the installation of limit switches and associated wiring during installation.

By utilizing MONOPLEXTh System switching, only one wire and a ground lead are needed to connect to multiple switches, each with its own indicator. The control unit can be mounted near the motor mechanism to ease installation and eliminate long heavy gauge wire runs.

00-00193-000    Slide Out Controller   
00-00193-100    Slide Out Controller - Low Current    
00-00193-200    Slide Out Controller - Model 200   
00-00193-300    Slide Out Controller 



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