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ES&D Water Baby
Cat. No. AEE-17.32
Weight 15 lbs

The Water Baby is Energy Systems & Design's solution to sites where the flow is very low, as low as 3 gpm (0.18 l/s), and the head is above 100 feet (30m). It uses a double stator, brushless permanent magnet generator with a 2" (50mm) pitch diameter bronze turbine wheel. At a head of 100 feet (30m) and a flow of 3 gpm (0.18 l/s) the output is 25 watts; at 24 gpm (1.5 l/s) the output is 250 watts.

The Water Baby is available either as a low voltage model (12/24 volt) or a high voltage (48/120 volt) model. .

Electricity is produced from the potential energy in moving water from a high point to a lower one. This distance is called "head" and is measured in units of distance (feet, meters) or in units of pressure (pounds per square inch, kilo-Pascals). "Flow" is measured in units of volume (gallons per minute - gpm, or liters per second - l/s), and is the second portion of the power equation.

The power available is related to the head and the flow. The Water Baby is designed to operate over a wide range of heads and flows. Nozzle diameters of 1/8 to 1/4 inch are available, and up to four nozzles can be used on one machine, to utilize heads as low as 50 feet and as high as hundreds.

The Water Baby uses a permanent magnet type alternator. This design eliminates the need for brushes and the maintenance that accompany them while increasing efficiency. The Water Baby's output can be optimized by simply adjusting the position of the stator.

Description Item code
ES&D 1-Nozzle Water Baby 12 - 24V 17.3245
ES&D 2-Nozzle Water Baby 12 - 24V 17.3247
ES&D 4-Nozzle Water Baby 12 - 24V 17.3249
ES&D 1-Nozzle Water Baby 48V 17.3252
ES&D 2-Nozzle Water Baby 48V 17.3254
ES&D 4-Nozzle Water Baby 48V 17.3256

The Water Baby
Personal Hydropower Owner's Manual

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