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SUNLINQ™ Small Portable Power Pack 6.5 watt
Cat. No. GSE-6.5
Weight 1 lbs

Global Solar thin-film photovoltaic technology is perfect for charging many consumer products. Lightweight, foldable and durable, our solar cell designs are a proven product already used in space, military equipment, and large grid systems. Our consumer products are designed to charge and maintain your batteries and provide power for your portable electronics including cell phones, PDA devices, MP3 players and laptops. Our solar products are great for campers, hikers or anyone who spends extended time outdoors.
The panels made with PowerFLEX™ technology are lightweight, flexible, weatherproof and durable CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) solar cells, a material proven to be stable, and provides higher efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies, including amorphous silicon.

  • Flexible and durable solar cells based on the revolutionary CIGS technology: a proven innovation used in space, military and large grid installation
  • Designed to provide years of reliable service with patented high performance flexible photovoltaic cells
  • Lightweight less than 1-lb. each panel
  • Offers higher cell efficiency than other flexible solar cell technologies at a reduced cost
  • Functions with many devices even in cloudy and rainy skies
  • It can be mounted to curved surfaces
  • Fully Weatherproofed
  • UV resistant
  • Easily folds into a planner-size pack that fits virtually anywhere including backpacks, glove boxes, purses, cargo pant pockets
  • Can be easily installed on any backpack, tents or jackets
  • Accessory Kit Includes: (12V Vehicle Power Plug, 12V Vehicle power outlet, 18" Battery Clamps,  4" barrel connector, 8' extension cable)

Specifications 6.5 W 
Output 12 V
Power 300 mA
4 AAA Batteries C 1-2H
4 AAA Batteries C 4-6H
Cell Phone R / C 2-3
Digital Camera C2-4H
Digital Camcorder C2-5H
MP3 Player C2-4H
Portable Video Game C2-4H
Portable DVD 8 – 10 H

R - Run, C - Charge, T - Trickle Charge, H - Hours

Dimensions (opened) Inches 29.5 x 9 x 0.03
Dimensions (folded) Inches 9 x 5 x .7
Weight Lbs. 0.45
Spec Sheet for 6.5

Note these are average ratings and will vary based on time of day, season, overcast skies and from specific device to specific device.

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