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SUNLINQ™ Small Portable Power Pack 25 Watt
Cat. No. GS-16013
Weight 3 lbs

Global Solar is pleased to announce a new member to our SunLinq family, the SL 25. The SunLinq 25 watt solar module, designed specifically for the marine and outdoor industry is made with the same PowerFLEX™ technology as the SunLinq 6.5 & 12 watt, but is encapsulated in a polyurethane material buildup that has the following key benefits;

SUNLINQ 25 Watt, 12V
The 25-watt portable solar pack module offers a unique solution for reliable and portable solar power for vehicle battery charging, including boats and RVs and laptop computers. The SUNLINQ™ 25 watt weighs less than two pounds and when folded is compact, lightweight and easily stored and transported. The 25-watt SUNLINQ™ is made from a special urethane material giving it the utmost in durability and water resistence. The low maintenance design provides an optimal electrical path and rugged durability. Built-in grommets allow for hanging, mounting or laying in any position. Cables included with SUNLINQ™ are one each, CLA receptacle, CLA vehicle power outlet, battery clamps, 4 in. barrel connector, and 8 ft. extension cable. (NOTE: Charge control device is recommended with this product).

• Ultra lightweight and compact for portability and storage
• Ultra durable - due to the flexible nature of the material
• UV stable & waterproof
• Performs well in diverse environments including; high temperature & humidity
• High efficiency solar cells made with CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide)

The preliminary set of performance values for the Global Solar 25 watt module is as follows:
• Rated Power (PMAX) = 25 watts
• Rated Load Voltage = 12 volts
• Rated Voltage (Vmpp) = 16.5 volts
• Rated Current (Impp) = 1.5 amps
• Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) = 25 volts
• Short Circuit Voltage (Isc) = 2.1 amps

Dimensions and Weight
Length , in (mm)
11 (279)
Width , in (mm)
8.25 (210)
Thickness , in (mm)
.7 (17.78)
Length , in (mm)
41.25 (1048
Width , in (mm)
21.50 (546)
Thickness , in (mm)
0 .03 (.762)
Weight , lb ( k g )
1.7 (.77)
Max Power to weight ratio watt / lb ( watt / kg )
14.7 (32)

The Power Bank II provides power to small electronics such as iPODs, cell phones and PDAs. The Power Bank II comes with several sizes of barrel plugs for connecting to different 5.2 to 7.2V devices. Also includes specialty cables with plugs for various cell phones & PDAs as well as a CLA Receptacle. 12V SUNLINQ , P3-30W, 48W or 55W solar packs can be adapted throught the CLA adapter included. (Fig. 1)
The DC Adapter is designed to power notebook computers which require DC input from 15V to 24V with a CLA plug that fits into a CLA receptacle in your car. The DC Adapter comes with different sizes of barrel connectors to connect to your computer. This adapter is intended to be used with an intermediate 12V battery pack charged by solar rather than being used with the solar panel directly. (Fig. 2)
7Amp Solar Charge Controller
The 7 Amp Charge Controller protects your 12V lead acid batteries from overcharge. This charge controller is to be used with any of the P3 12V product line and can handle up to 100 Watts of Solar Power. With the attached SAE Trailer plug the 7 Amp Solar Charge Contoller can connect directly to the solar panel and the remaining SAE Trailer plug can connect to any one of the cables in our 5 Piece Accessory Kit. (Fig. 3)

  Spec Sheet for SL-25


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