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Zamp RV Solar Kit 300watt
Cat. No. NTP-19-2583
Weight 75 lbs

Deluxe 300 Watts RV solar kit is a great ‘middle of the road’ RV solar kit. 300 Watts is enough power to recharge batteries in large RV’s from daily use. We use 2 to 150 Watts crystalline panels to push in over 16 Ampere per hour into the battery. With our Deluxe 300 Watts RV Solar Kit there is still one extra available solar port for adding more solar from our Deluxe Expansion Kits. These deluxe solar kits are designed to hold a total of 450 Watts of solar power or up to 25 Ampere of charging power.

Weight: 73.6000
Power Rating: 300 Watts/ 16.8 Ampere
Panel Type: Class A Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Length (IN): 58-3/8 Inch
Width (IN): 26-3/8 Inch
Thickness (IN): 1-3/8 Inch
Panel Mount Type: Bracket Mount
Controller Type: 30 Ampere 5-Stage PWM Digital Deluxe Solar Charge Controller
Inverter Type: No Inverter
With Solar Panel: Yes
With Cables: Yes
With Remote Control: No
With Cable Connectors: Yes
With Mounting Hardware: Yes
With Carry Case: No


  • Enough Power To Recharge Batteries In Large RV’s From Daily Use
  • Designed To Hold A Total Of 450 Watts Of Solar Power Or Up To 25 Ampere Of Charging Power
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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