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THOR AC to DC Converter/Battery Charger 48v
Cat. No. THC-18-48
Weight 11 lbs

This charging system provides an optional automatic charging system in three steps. 1.A fast charge to bring a good, drained battery back up to full voltage rapidly (“Boost”). 2. A standard charge to bring the battery up to a full charge at a safe rate to prolong the life of the battery and provide power to run 12V lighting and appliances in the vehicle/device (“Normal”). 3. A trickle charge to keep the battery fresh during times of load inactivity (“Storage”). The charger automatically changes modes to accommodate changes in conditions

Design Features
 • Affordable and fast battery charging
 • Switchable charging options
 • Rapid or float charging
 • Longer charging options
 • Robust design
 • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions:-5X10.5X4

AC to DC Converter/Battery Chargers with 3 Stage Charging Option - 48 volt
THC-18-48 18 Amp Converter with 3 stage charger 48 Volt

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