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THOR 80-Amp Battery Isolator Relay
Cat. No. THANL-80
Weight 1 lbs

The relay will handle 80 amperes on a continuous basis at 12 VDC and 150 Amperes in rush peak or surge. Mount the relay between batteries as an isolator or in the main power lead servicing the power inverter, mobile audio system, amplifiers, light bars or any other equipment requiring on/off control.

  • Handles 80-Amps Continuous and 150-Amp Surges
  • Durable Weatherproof Construction
  • For Switching Power Sources and Systems with Heavy Current Draw
  • Keeps Primary Starting Battery from being Drained
  • Does Not Create any Voltage Drop to the Secondary Battery
  • Power Inverter Relay and Battery Isolator
  • Great for isolating a second battery making it dedicated to the Power Inverter

Dimensions: H 3.5 x W 3 x D2.5  Gross Weight 9.0 Ounces  Net Weight 7.2 Ounces

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