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Aurora String Inverter 3-phase isolated
Cat. No. SWI-A3F
Weight 114 lbs

AURORA is an inverter with the capability to supply the grid with energy obtained from photovoltaic panels. The photovoltaic panels transform the energy irradiated by the sun into electricity of the direct current 'DC' type (through a photovoltaic field, also called a PV generator); however, to use the electricity, it must be transformed into the alternating current 'AC' type. This conversion, known as DC-AC inversion, is achieved efficiently by AURORA without the use of rotating elements but only with static electronic devices. When used in parallel with the network, the alternating current output from the inverter flows directly into the domestic or industrial distribution circuit, connected in turn to the public distribution network. The solar energy system can thus feed all the connected user electrical loads. If the energy supply from the photovoltaic system is lower than the user's load requirement, the quantity of energy necessary to guarantee normal functioning of the connected appliances is taken from the public distribution network. However, when the opposite occurs, i.e. an excess of energy is produced, it is directly sent into the public network, thus becoming available to other users. In compliance with local and national regulations, the energy produced can be sold to the distribution network or credited against future consumption, thus producing energy savings.

CertificationsCSA-C22.2 N.107.1-01 UL Std N.1741
WarrantyTen Years
Nominal AC Output Voltage480.0
Nominal Output Frequency60.0
Maximum Efficiency97.3
CEC Weighted Efficiency97.0
CoolingNatural Convection
ApplicationGrid Tied
Data Interface OptionsRS485
Maximum DC Input Power11500.0
Maximum DC Input Voltage600.0
MPPT Voltage Range (Min)220.0
MPPT Voltage Range (Max)470.0
Maximum DC Input Current48.0
Number of DC Input Terminals2.0
Nominal AC Output Power10000.0
Enclosure TypeNEMA 4X
Warranty - Extended OptionsFifteen Years or Twenty Years
Country of OriginUSA/Canada
Maximum Output Current14.0


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