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Parallax 7155 Series
Cat. No. MT-7155
Weight 5 lbs

The 7100 series power converter Is a solid-state electronic power supply and is maintenance free, It is so self-sufficient and quiet that you will probably not know It Is working except for the tact that your batteries are always charged, and your 12-volt lights and appliances always work, If any 12-volt appliance rails to operate, first check your RV?s 12-volt distribution fuseblock located behind the decorative front door in tile upper right hand corner of the converter and inspect all fuses. If a fuse is open or blown” replace It with the same size fuse (never Install a larger fuse). If the fuse opens again, have and electrician or certified RV technician locate the circuit trouble. Replace blown fuses with Littelfuse type 257 fuses only.

If the 7100 series power converter is not working, first confirm the RV supply or "shoreline" cord is plugged Into a live circuit, Then check all the 120-volt breakers In your RV distribution panel to make sure they are "on" If a breaker is tripped, follow the instructions to reset the breaker. lithe breaker trips again, consult an electrician or certified RV technician.

The 7100 series power converter is ETL safety standards and has been built with safety in mind. The 7100 Is also FCC Class Aor B certified to minimize interference to electronic equipment.

The Parallax 7100 Series electronic power converter is designed to supply the nominal 12-volt filtered DC power for all 12-volt operated devices encountered In RV service. Although the converter is an excellent battery charger, the converter does not require a battery to be connected to It for proper operation. Caution When installing a battery(s) always observe polarity. Connecting a battery reverse-polarity will blow the power converter main fuses located on the 12-volt DC distribution fuseblock.

If the 12-volt load exceeds the converter output rating the output voltage will drop to prevent any further increase in current. Turn off some lights or appliances and the output voltage will automatically restore. The same will occur if the converter exceeds sale operating temperature limits. Check to see that the converter?s air circulation is not blocked or turn off some of the 12-volt load,

The AC panelboard section of the series 7100 is located behind the decorative door in the upper left-hand corner. this panel contains the 120 VAC branch circuit breakers for your RV. One of the breakers controls the 120-volt power to the 12-volt converter section located in the tower half of the 7100. This breaker may also control another branch circuit. Check the label next to each breaker for what each branch circuit breaker controls.

The 120-volt circuits may be turned on by flipping tile breaker handle up to the "on" position or off by flipping the handle to the "off" position To reset a tripped breaker move handle to off then on.



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