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Intellitec Battery Guard (Controller Only)
Cat. No. MT01-00332-000
Weight 1 lbs

Intellitec s battery GUARD is intended to be used in passenger vehicles to prevent the battery from inadvertently being discharged by some unwanted load. This may happen if a light or other accessory is left on for long periods of time. battery GUARD constantly monitors the voltage level on the battery to determine the level of the charge. When the voltage drops below 1 2.0 volts for approximately 4 minutes and the ignition is off, battery GUARD will automatically disconnect the battery from the vehicle s electrical system.

If the ignition switch is turned on, the system will not disconnect the battery under any circumstances. This feature prevents a shutdown in the event of a charging system failure while driving.

When the battery is disconnected, a red indicator on the dash mounted switch blinks to let the driver know that the system has disconnected the battery. To reconnect the battery, the driver needs to press the momentary switch. The system now allows the driver 4 minutes to start the vehicle before the battery disconnects again.

If, while the battery is disconnected, the battery voltage goes above 1 3 volts, as would happen during a jump start" or if a charger is connected, battery GUARD will automatically recon nect the battery.
The system consists of the Intellitec Battery Disconnect relay, the control module, the dash mounted reset switch, and the inter-connect harness.

The Battery Disconnect relay is normally mounted under the hood, near the battery to keep the heavy battery cable length to a minimum. The relay is a mechanically latched unit that maintains electrical connection or remains open without requiring any power from the battery. To change the state of this relay, 12 volts is momentarily applied to the two smal Ii" and "S" terminals. To open the relay, +1 2 volts is applied to the S terminal and ground to the "I" terminal. To close the relay, +1 2 volts to the "I" terminal and ground to the S terminal. Normally, the battery GUARD controller grounds both terminals of the relay

Warranty Terms: 1 Year
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