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Fronius IG Grid-tie Inverters
Cat. No. SWI-FR
Weight 26 lbs

Easy Installation
Each inverter comes with a separate quick mounting bracket. With its lightweight and compact design the FRONIUS IG can be easily lifted on or off of the bracket. Standard knockouts, built in AC/DC breakers (optional) and terminal strip saves time and expense when making electrical connections.

High Frequency (HF) Technology
High frequency technology is extremely compact and yet capable of transforming considerable power. Using an innovative Phase-Shift process the FRONIUS IG minimizes switching losses and is able to generate ultra high conversion efficiencies of 94.4%!

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) accuracy of 99.9%
Regardless of which PV modules you use; crystalline, poly or thin film, the FRONIUS IG Module-Manager software locks onto the array maximum power point to optimize the energy output from your array.

Wide Input Voltage Range
A wide input voltage range (150-450 Volts) permits the use of modules of every power size and voltage. You can easily fine-tune your system with different wattage modules and string configurations. Accurate MPP tracking and high efficiency is maintained throughout the voltage and power range.

Graphic Display and User Interface
Owning a PV system is great. Knowing exactly what it is doing is even better. A large, bright, easy to use LCD display comes standard with every FRONIUS IG inverter. You can view over 20 critical system parameters that are recorded at the moment (Now), for the day, or since installation. If a system fault has occurred, the display shows the reason for the problem, making it easy for the user or installer to troubleshoot and repair.



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