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Apollo Solar TSW
Cat. No. 030.02611
Weight 49 lbs

TSW TrueSineWave Inverter/Chargers
The Apollo Solar models TSW2212, TSW3224 and TSW3648 include a DC to AC true sine wave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch in a compact modular housing. These are ideal solutions for off-grid systems in the 2kW-12kW range for residential and commercial battery-based installations. They provide both 120- and 240-volt AC split output from 12-, 24- and 48-volt battery systems.

The output provides 240 volts for well pumps, appliances, or shop tools while providing 120 volts for standard circuits. Either side of the line can supply up to 75% of the total load. The inverter can surge to over 200% of the rated power to allow for intermittent loads for short periods like motor starting without interrupting sensitive computer loads.

The input can accept utility line or 240-volt AC generators. Power factor corrected, the high-current battery-charger circuit is designed to optimize the efficient use of energy from generator or line input. The 5-stage charging algorithm maximizes both battery life and storage capacity.

The Apollo Solar PV charge controllers (page 106) are a perfect match for the TSW2212, TSW3224 and TSW3648 for renewable energy installations. The ASNET ports provide integrated display of system data from all the products. Monitoring of energy used, battery state-of-charge and system performance is included. The ASNET port provides networking capability of multiple units as well as access to the T80 or T100 charge controllers and remote display for enhanced system performance.

Apollo model Continuous
AC output
No load
Peak AC
TSW2212 2000 12VDC 120V/240V 60Hz 20 W 100 4400W 49
TSW3224 3200 24 VDC 120V/240V 60Hz 20 W 100 6400W 49
TSW3648 3600 48 VDC 120V/240V 60Hz 20 W 70 7200W 49




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