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Pelton Wheels, Replacment Alternator
Automotive Type Unit MODEL 1
Special purpose~ its small size and low rotational mass is intended for low water flows

Cat. No. APM-1
Weight 20 lbs

Automotive Type Unit MODEL 90, 91 and 92
Large size alternators such as the oversize Ford.

Cat. No. APM-90
Weight 20 lbs

Commercial Type Units Brushless adverse environment alternators
Brushless adverse environment alternators

Cat. No. APM-24
Weight 20 lbs

Commercial Type Units Large truck type alternators
Large truck type alternators using larger bearings.

Cat. No. APM-27
Weight 20 lbs

Commercial Type Units wound field alternators
Best performing class of rheostat controlled wound field alternators having excellent low speed characteristics.

Cat. No. APM-26
Weight 20 lbs

Economy Models
Intended for good water sites or demonstration purposes using common automotive components at reduced cost.

Cat. No. APM-E
Weight 20 lbs

ED&S Stream Engine Hydro (Turgo)
ES&D These small turbines are especially well suited to produce usable power from springs and creeks that are too small to sustain a conventional A.C

Cat. No. AEE-17.324
Weight 15 lbs

ES&D Water Baby
The Water Baby is Energy Systems & Design's solution to sites where the flow is very low, as low as 3 gpm (0.18 l/s), and the head is above 100 feet (30m).

Cat. No. AEE-17.32
Weight 15 lbs

Harris Hydro
This hydroelectric battery charger uses a cast bronze Pelton wheel and a brushless permanent magnet alternator on a white powder-coated aluminum housing.

Cat. No. AEE- 17.10
Weight 15 lbs

HI-Power Hydroelectric Generators
HI-Power Hydroelectric generators are ideal for sites where water is far from power needs (up to 10,000 feet), or when greater power is required

Cat. No. AEE-17.20
Weight 15 lbs

HI-Power LV Hydroelectric Generators
The sealed permanent magnet alternator is mounted on a Harris housing with the bronze Harris pelton wheel.

Cat. No. AEE-17.3023
Weight 15 lbs

Permanent Magnet Models
Permanent Magnet Models

Cat. No. APM1038
Weight 20 lbs

PowerPal Low Head
A simple AC single-phase, brushless permanent magnet alternator is attached to a propeller turbine. 200 to 500 watts Low Head

Cat. No. PP-LH
Weight 150 lbs

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